Nickajack Farms

Nickajack Farms is located in the beautiful rolling hills around North Lawrence, just west of Canton, Ohio. The farm covers 120 acres, with several buildings, stables, indoor and outdoor arenas, and farmland.  Nickajack Farms owners – Joe & Debbie Sebolt The farm is owned by Joe and Debbie Sebolt, who bought the property in 2002 and soon after opened Nickajack Farms. On the farm, they grow quality grass hay, which is fertilized and weed-free, and typically realizes three cuttings each year.

They also will plant about 50 acres in pumpkins for the fall pumpkin patch, and about 15 acres in tall corn for the fall festival corn maze. Akron, Ohio

2955 Manchester Ave NW, North Lawrence, OH 44666
(330) 323-9714

Crabby Goat Farm

Akron, OH

Crabby Goat Farm is a small family homestead in Springfield Township, just southeast of Akron. Welcome to our home! We are beginning the long journey of becoming a self-sustaining farm from scratch. We haven’t been here for generations, but we’re hoping to say so in the future! We started this adventure to have more control over our food so we could have the best health for us and our animals, and now we hope to pass this all on to others. Crabby Goat Farm, Akron, OH

Brunty Farms LLC

Akron, Ohio

Brunty Farms is a pasture-based, sustainable farm located in Bath Township in Akron, Ohio and Montgomery Township in Ashland, Ohio. We specialize in all natural, clean, pasture-raised eggs and meats.

On our farm, you will have the opportunity to purchase pasture-raised poultry, including chicken and turkey, in addition to fresh chicken and duck eggs, pork, lamb, and beef. All of the animals are raised to the highest standards, always fed non-GMO grains, and never given any hormones or antibiotics. Our mission truly revolves around revitalizing the land, our community, and the local food system. Brunty Farms – Akron, OH

Neitenbach Farm

Akron, Ohio

We are a family run farm who specializes in Medicinal Herbs and Vegetables. We think that it is important to grow native medicinal herbs as much as possible because many of these plants are endangered. These plants are then used to make teas, tinctures, salves, syrups, etc. We offer farm tours, visits, and school tours for the people of Northeast Ohio so that we can educate people of the benefits of using and purchasing local medicinal herbs.

Deliciously Raw Organic Farm

Akron, Ohio

We are dedicated to community, to educating children about our precious earth, and to our belief that raw organic food is much healthier than cooked organic food. We grow premium organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables from the finest heirloom seeds.